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  • How CareCredit Helped Maggie

    Read this testimonial of a real CareCredit client whose dog Maggie was suffering from a herniated disc.

    "CareCredit was there for me and my dog when we needed it most. I had to rush my little bichon, Maggie, to the emergency vet on two different occasions.

    She was diagnosed with a herniated disc and had emergency back surgery to prevent permanent paralysis. Without CareCredit, the outcome may not have been so positive.

    Today, Maggie is able to enjoy life like any other dog. I will be forever thankful to CareCredit for making it possible to save my dog's life!" --Janet T., Tacoma, Wash.

    For more information on how CareCredit can help you provide your pet with the best care, call 800-300-3046 or visit CareCredit.com.
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